Let's face it. Keeping track of all of the inspirational jpegs that are floating around on your hard drive and on the internets is a pain in the ass. Thank Jebus I now have Pinterest to help me catalog and share all of the images that get me all tingly down there. Head over to the Rural Modernist Furniture Porn page to get more information on the objects above that I've been lusting over, as well as a whole slew of personally curated eye candy that's sure to titillate your design bone and get your creative juices flowing. Now I need a cold shower.

Even the hair dryer is beautiful.

Rural Modernist mascots, Tino and Leo, enjoy a romp in the snow. Our neighbor's dog, Zuzu, makes a special appearance at the end. The soundtrack is Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People which is insanely catchy and happy. I'm surprised that this wasn't a bigger hit. It has whistling!