I thought of this assignment as the adult design-addict's equivalent to searching through those phone-book thick catalogs when we were kids tin order to make our "wish list". You start by making an overwhelming list of things you would just love to have but would never buy for yourself. And, as it was when I was a kid, the list was long, greedy and exhausting.

But all of these things are not just "wants" - they are "needs". I need these to live the aesthetically pleasing life I was born to have. As a design professional, I certainly can't inspire people to make their own homes and environments beautiful and better if I can't have a space that inspires me! It's a justifiable business expense, I suppose.

After much deliberation, I have narrowed the list to these. Here are the 10 items that I simply MUST have from the world of modern home decor. No wrapping necessary.

1. The Zeta Fireplace. This is a gorgeous functional piece of art; a delicious marriage of leather, glass, bent plywood and stainless steel. This is an eco-friendly standalone, ventless fireplace that looks like it could be from the Jetsons' house, but truly would look better in mine. It comes in several colors of leather upholstery (I'd like the white, please!). Get yours (and mine) at Ecosmartfire, for around $10,000.

2. Boats. This collection of 33 "boats" is really a multi-piece sculpture made from reclaimed and recycled wooden bowls that have been shaped into a fleet fit for your walls. Vertical, horizontal - whatever! Available at Mixture Home; $2,000 for the set.

3. Luxury in Lavender. My favorite wallpaper designers - Flavor Paper - have outdone themselves with this modern take on 70s foil papers. It's called luxury for a reason - there are graphic depictions of diamonds, private planes, glamorous cars, etc, all wrapped in a creamy melange of purply ribbons with a hint of gold. This paper begs to be on a large wall in an otherwise stark white room, and appreciated up close. Available in other colors, but since it;s what I want, i want this color! $150-$350 per roll, here.

4. Loyal Loot's Log Bowls. Oh dear G*d, I want every size and every color! These bowls, in various sizes and shapes, are made from actual logs that have been filled with glossy, gorgeous color. Texture, color and function? I'm wet! Prices run from $90 to $238 at Storefront and Studio.

5. Smarties Rug. J'adore this rug! A white rug covered in fluffy dots of color - just like that tasteless candy that came on receipt paper!!! It's colorful, yet it's neutral. It goes with everything. It's sooo soft and delicious, it's high quality and it's simply a must have for any floor in almost any room. From $550 to $3850 based on size, at Floor Section.

6. Bourgie Lamp. For full disclosure, I already have this lamp, in crystal clear. However, since it is one of my favorite possessions, I MUST have the newest color in this stunning lamp line from Kartell. This is an opaque white with a glossy gold interior on the lampshade! Glam!!! How fan-fucking-tastic would that be with the above #3 wallpaper???? $460 for this color combo, less for others in the line. From Lumens.

7. Grasshopper Chair. This is a limited edition re-release of a 1967 chaise that became a design favorite. It's covered in white canvas over a chrome frame, and the cushions are white leather. And yes, I see it in front of the wallpapered wall, with the lamp nearby. I just do. Price available on request, from Suite NY.

8. Barcelona Wall Mount Bench. This is a bent maple wood bench that would look amazing mounted in a wall in an entryway - especially an apartment entry or a narrow hallway. Or in a small kitchen with a table. Or in a dressing area. Or in a bathroom. Or, .... well, you get the point. Limitless possibilities. It is also an eco-friendly piece! $1,975 at Vivavi.

9. Vitsoe Wall System. I love options. And this is THE ultimate in limitless options. The Vitsoe Universal Shelving System is the answer to any shelf need you could possibly have, now or in the future. It's infinitely flexible for your current needs, can be reconfigured if your needs change, and can be taken with you if you move to a new place. Doors, drawers, desktops, etc. Mix and match. Priced by configuration, exclusively through Moss.

10. TV Easel. Oh how I need this! The TV Easel by Alex Bjurstrom is such a great idea that you wonder what the hell took so long! The design mimics the traditional painter's easel in form and function - it is adjustable in both height and angle. It also will display TVs up to 47". It's a great solution for renters who can't burrow into the walls to bury wires, or for those that don't like clunky furniture to put your TV upon. Through the designer's site only as of now.


  1. Anonymous // December 10, 2009 at 1:36 AM

    You have seriously bold taste!

  2. alexis // December 10, 2009 at 3:06 PM

    that bench!

  3. Abbe // December 10, 2009 at 9:01 PM

    magnificent as usual, darling!

  4. anne // December 15, 2009 at 12:30 PM

    I sell those log bowls, and they are on sale! Check them out here! http://shop.storefrontandstudio.com