"Got a dime?" The proprietors, Jason and J.R. working the ho' stroll right on Main Street. Real classy.

Are you in the Hudson Valley/Catskills area on this sultry, sweaty weekend? Take a break from fanning yourself dramatically like Blanche DuBois and stop by the Rural Modernist Studio before all of our soaps and candles melt into a messy yet fragrant puddle. Also, the Special Word of the Day is: BEDIZENED. Use it in a sentence when you come into the studio and get a special surprise!

Some of our still solid handmade soaps wrapped in vintage graph paper.

Trying out the Hipstamatic photo app on my new iPhone. Wow. That sounds super douchey doesn't it?

This is Ella, one of our fluffiest patrons.

We guarantee that all of our outsider art will not melt in 100% humidity.

Rural Modernist Studio
3780 Main Street (rear cottage)
Stone Ridge, NY 12484
Open weekends from 1-4 ish or by appointment

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  1. MsSvelteNY // July 24, 2010 at 11:28 AM

    Loving the clear heels!