My invitation must have gotten lost in the mail (like Monica Lewinsky's), but perhaps yours didn't.

While all of that marital mayhem is going down 30 minutes south of us in Rhinebeck, all is calm and cool over here in charming Stone Ridge, NY. Even though it's crawling with celebrities at the moment since they're shooting Jane Fonda's new flick, Peace, Love, and Misunderstanding down the road (I saw her at the local roller rink!) along with Chace Crawford (drool), and Catherine Keener. Barbarella is an avid blogger and you can read all about it at Oh, and a certain iconic music superstar and his supermodel wife work out at my gym, but if I named names I'd have to kill you. All highly unusual events in this sleepy burg. But I digress.

I've been working on a new series of abstract paintings on 1" thick pine planks featuring modernist Seussian silhouettes based on my ceramics. DNA-wise, they share inspirational roots via Alexander Girard's charming folk art figures, Calder's doodle-esque mobiles, and of course, conjoined twin superstars like Lori and Dori (aka Reba) and Abby and Brittany. (I just read that Brittany is engaged. Congrats!) They can be hung on the wall or stand alone on a table. They're monochromatic, so they look great mixed and matched in little groupings. Peruse them in person this weekend if you're in the 'hood, then after that I'm going to start putting a selection online since people have been asking for that.

Rural Modernist Studio
3780 Main Street (rear cottage)
Stone Ridge, NY 12484
Open weekends from 1-4 pm or by appointment

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