Let's hear it for the soy

Wednesday, November 03, 2010 | , | 0 comments »

New hand-poured, 32 oz. clean scented soy candles will be making their debut at the opening of the Rural Modernist holiday pop-up store event later this month. Each one is decoupaged by moi with assorted ephemera that I've been collecting for a zillion years to make each one truly one-of-a-kind and way cooler than some vanilla scented monstrosity from Yankee Candle at the mall. Each one comes with a Rural Modernist matchbox, too.

I also have a selection of votives that have random words, science, and math graphics on them. These are from a series of little flash cards from the 40's I found in a barn sale in Woodstock. Just sorting through the hundreds of cards makes me feel smarter. Each of these are packaged individually and are ideal for stocking stuffing.

NOTE: Since there's no actual foot traffic in Stone Ridge and the studio has exploded with saw dust, Frisket Film, masking tape, and spray paint fumes, I've decided to forego opening on weekends and will re-open later this month as a holiday pop-up store. There will be a proper launch party for the studio and the debut of the new paintings, candles, soaps, ceramics, boxed Handsome Devil Press holiday cards just in time for your seasonal shopping needs. 

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