"Perfect Rainy Day" illustration for Handsome Devil Press by Jason O'Malley

It's no secret that I love The Smiths. The evidence is all over my house, my greeting card company (Handsome Devil Press is named after a Smiths B-side), and my hair (I've been known to pomade my pompadour to Morrisseyesque heights on special occasions). The Queen is Dead is their masterpiece and the Cover Me blog has compiled this clever selection of covers of each song on the album that is sure to tickle the ear holes of any Smiths devotee:

The Ukrainians - The Queen Is Dead
Technically, this is not “The Queen Is Dead,” but rather “Koroleva Ne Pomerla.” Yep, that band name is no cute moniker. This bit Eastern European choral-punk (a new genre?) stomps and swings like whirling dervish chanting channeled through Sid Vicious.

Cursive - Frankly, Mr. Shankly
This one goes from grunge to lounge to hard rock…and that’s just the first 45 seconds! It’s like ten covers in one, utilizing drum pounds here, cello screeches there, indie goodness everywhere!

Pale Sunday - I Know It's Over
You’re not quite sure whether to bang your head or try some flamenco moves in this one (I think the woodblock is the culprit here). Above it all hovers that haunting melody, accusing as much as it pities.

Billy Bragg - Never Had No One Ever
Bragg has never been known for his singing, but on the quiet strummer his lazy drawl’s search for the tune hits you straight in the chest. This one comes off
The Smiths Is Dead, another full-album tribute worth getting.

The Very Most - Cemetry Gates
In this live one from the fine folks at archive.org, The Very Most prove that an acoustic guitar and tambourine are all one needs to accompany Morrissey’s unusual lyrics and catchy melody. When he wrote this one, Keats, Yates, and Wilde were
all on his side.

Matteo Scumaci - Bigmouth Strikes Again
Subtle guitar plucking complements Matteo’s Italian accent, carrying him gently along as he sings oh-so-sweetly about bludgeoning his woman toothless. Morrissey always was a romantic.

J Mascis - The Boy with the Thorn in His Side
There are a lot of covers of this one, including one by Jeff Buckley that suffers from shaky recording quickly. Not so here, as the Dinosaur Jr. frontman slashes at his acoustic guitar while he snarls like he’s got a couple thorns in him himself.

Damage Done By Worms - Vicar in a Tutu
The phenomenal band name covers a “psychobilly” acoustic punk band like the Violent Femmes with an Eastern European accent. The saloon piano solo in the middle sounds like the soundtrack to a Quentin Tarantino barroom brawl.

Nada Surf - There Is a Light That Never Goes Out
So many covers of this one stay so close to the original, I set out to find one that did something drastically different. I found several, all of which terrible. When covering a perfect song, sometimes not straying too far can be good advice.

Supergrass - Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others
Fellow Brits Supergrass built the alternative rock up to distortion-punk hollers. Some songs are bigger than others too, and this one is bloody enormous.

Download the entire The Queen is Dead Cover collection at Cover Me (click the song titles for the free mp3 download).

P.S. Although I like the breezy Pale Sunday version of "I Know It's Over", I far prefer the heartbreakingly beautiful cover by Jeff Buckley. Morrissey, please return the favor by covering Jeff Buckley's haunting version of Hallelujah in your own inimitable style on your next album.