As editor in chief of The Rural Modernist, I sent out a directive to my crack staff (all two of them) to create a top ten list of things they would like for Christmas. Abbe's list positively vibrates with delectable goodies and Joe's list succeeds in putting the 'mo in modern. After much contemplation, meditation, and prayer, here's mine:

1. A Viola Park kitchen. It's like they took an inventory of my favorite colors, materials and proportions and created a line just for me. Unfortunately, there's absolutely nothing wrong with my current kitchen. Poo.

2. A Pamela Sunday Cumuloid sculpture. I'm gaga for Ms. Sunday's hand built ceramic sculptures inspired by nature and science. The hallmark of good art for me is when I not only want to own it, but caress and fondle it, too. This one, bathed in a delicious high gloss chocolate glaze, makes me weak at the knees and it would look great on my coffee table.

3. The 405 Chaise from Loll Designs. We finally added a deck to the house this year and a few of these graphic chaises made out of reclaimed milk jugs (960 jugs per chaise to be precise) are just what we need to lounge in style next summer.

4. Hans Wegner Circle Chair in black. I absolutely lerve the circular silhouette and hammock-y coziness of this chair. I need one my living room. Now.

5. Raimond Suspension Light from Moooi. It looks like a big spinning atom, and would compliment my Cumuloid perfectly.

6. Sculpture by Paul Evans. If money were no object, then this is the object I would spend it on.

7. Type Coasters from Veer. The graphic design nerd in me needs these laser-etched bamboo type coasters. Baskerville Semibold never looked better.

8. Woodchuck Heavy Duty Wood Hauler. Now that I live in The Catskills, this is the type of stuff that gets me excited. I just bought one of these and it's the bomb. Anyone with a fireplace or wood burning stove knows that lugging logs from the stack into the house is a huge freaking pain (in the lower back, to be specific). Now it's a pleasure.

9. Ectoplasm at the Beauty Salon by Scooter Laforge. I recently got turned on to Scooter's filthy/fun oevre via a disturbing/charming t-shirt of his that Joe was wearing. Of course this painting stands out as a favorite because of the subject matter: the classic scene in which Bugs Bunny pretends to be a beautician. "If an INteresting monster can't have an INteresting hairdo... Bobby pin, please."

10. My own Rural Modernist pottery studio/art gallery/greeting card emporium/pie shop. This is only my artist's conception, but if I can dream it I can do it. Susan Boyle told me so.