The sad news about Otho's passing (or rather the actor that played him, Glenn Shadix) got me thinking once again about one of my all time favorite design-driven films: Beetlejuice. It's a perfect time capsule that pays homage to (and mocks) 80's era post-modernism, wacky modern art, and interior design excess. We were supposed to laugh at the over the top demolition/redesign of that classic Victorian house with its lace curtains and period details, but I loved it.

Something tells me that deck isn't up to code. And I'm totally digging those trademark Tim Burton horizontal stripes at the base of the house.

My dream house.

"It's my art, and it's dangerous." Delia Deetz


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  1. MsSvelteNY // September 8, 2010 at 3:14 PM


    He will definitely be missed. I love character actors and he definitely brought it whenever he appeared on screen.